» How to get from Guest Houses to Auditorium Maximum UJ

Professors' House


In order to get from Professors' House to Auditorium Maximum it is necessary to follow the GARBARSKA Street, turn left and go through the KARMELICKA Street, then turn right towards the KRUPNICZA Street. until you see the Auditorium Maximum building on the right. The walk takes about 22 minutes.


The way from Professors' House to Auditorium Maximum:

Floriańska Guest House


In order to get from Floriańska Guest House to Auditorium Maximum it is necessary to follow the FLORIANSKA Street, cross the Market Square, go through the SZEWSKA Street, pass the crossing towards the KRUPNICZA Street until you see the Auditorium Maximum building on the right. The walk takes about 27 minutes.


The way from Floriańska Guest House to Auditorium Maximum:

» How to get to the Exhibition Room A (in Auditorium Maximum UJ)

The Exhibition Room A is situated on the second floor of the building. In order to get there one needs to:
- go upstairs (on the right) after passing the main entrance,
- turn right
- go through a hall,
- turn right.


Here is a small map illustrating the way:


» About Auditorium Maximum UJ

Auditorium Maximum is a modern lecture theatre complex of the Jagiellonian University, officially opened in 2005. It features the main theatre for 1200 persons, which can be divided into two smaller ones for 600 persons each, one lecture room for 250 persons, two for 150 persons, and one for 100 persons. The project was co-financed by the EU funds. See virtual trip. 

Address: Auditorium Maximum; 33, Krupnicza Street, Kraków


Fot. A. Wojnar i F. Radwański